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    Method is more than a name or a brand. We are a collective, encompassing all facets of life. We do not discriminate, judge ,or create niches. We are all in this together, living the MTHD Lifestyle. We are business professionals, students, athletes, gamers, streamers, grinders, and hustlers. Welcome to MTHD.


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    Our products were created for all walks of life and because of this we want our team of MTHD Ambassadors to be the same. This means we're not simply looking for people with the most followers, but the ones who made a name for themselves by thinking outside the box. The same people who genuinely enjoy interacting with their following since they share a common interest, while patiently educating those that don't. Gamers, students, business professionals, athletes, stay-at-home parents, doctors, lawyers, sign flippers - we welcome all as long as the passion you have for what you do is evident and gimmick-free.


    Team Motiv8

    Method is extremely excited to dive into the world of professional eSports. What makes our journey even more exciting is doing so by partnering with the fantastic organization, Motiv8 Gaming. Coming from the world of mainstream sports nutrition and fitness, we became bored with the mundane repetition of the current health and fitness scene. We knew there had to be more out there that products like ours could add value and benefits to. The rising popularity and competitiveness of eSports makes this partnership a natural progression and one that we see as very promising. Our partnership is as natural as they come, and we feel Motiv8’s outlook on the digital industry coincides with our mission as well. We look forward to joining forces with their gamers, athletes, and personalities to further bridge the gap and introduce the MTHD Lifestyle to the world of eSports.


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    The ability to perform. That’s the never-ending chase. Whether you’re an athlete, gamer, business professional, student - whatever it is that drives you to succeed - the need to perform at a high level is never ending. No one wants to feel like they’re not a master of their craft. Us included.

    That’s why our products have been formulated to support peak human performance. No pixie dusting. No gimmicks. No bull sh!t. Only properly dosed ingredients that are safe and efficient to provide you with the energy, focus, and recovery needed for optimal performance.